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Totto-Chan; The Little Girl at the Window

Posted on: September 12, 2008

I got a good book, Totto-Chan. It tells a story of a student when she was studying at Tomoe Gaikuen. It tells the way the headmaster  managed  the school and the teaching methods used  there. This book gives enlightenment on how we have to behave to our students and  on how we should carry out our learning process. “Touching student’s heart” is the key of a successful learning. That what I can  digest from what Mr. Kobahayasi-the headmaster- did in his school.

Thanks Aa Tutut Kumoro Wibowo, M.Pd -SMA MTA Surakarta- who gave me the file of the book. Thanks for your kindness Bro…

Happy reading!!

Totto-Chan, The Little Girl At the Window

The picture of the book cover is taken From…/8/5/0/9782266166058.jpg

3 Responses to "Totto-Chan; The Little Girl at the Window"

sir, I can’t download this file, I need your suggest…

Millions of THANKS to you Sir! This book impressed me much. God bless You.

thank u so much sir

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