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Tribute to Helena Agustien Ph.D

Posted on: September 13, 2008

The following files are the presentation of Dr. Helena Agustien,  a well-known lecturer of Universitas Negeri Semarang, who is one of the “Pioneer of the implementation of Genre-based approach in English learning in Indonesia.  I collected the files when I followed  her lecture at LPMP Jawa Tengah.  I want to share all the files as my personal tribute to her.  Enjoy!!

Communivative Competence-Unnes

Genres in English Learning

Theoretical-foundation of language teaching








Materials-development In English Learning


6 Responses to "Tribute to Helena Agustien Ph.D"

kirimkan prediksi soal2 bhs un inggris 2010/2011

Maaf pak, sekarang belum punya…..maybe someday…..thanks for visiting my simple blog.

thanks, banyak sekali mamfaatnya bagi saya apalagi saya mengajar di pinggiran kota oh ya pak kalo ada buku untuk bahasa inggris pariwisata karena saya juga mngajar itu pak. trimakasi

Maaf, saya tidak mempunyai data ttg buku bahasa Inggris pariwisata.

Thank you for the tribute. I feel honored. Hope the readers find the files useful. All the best. Helena

Mathur Thank You Ibu, kerso mampir gubug maya kawulo. Nuwun

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