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Ringkasan Ungkapan Berbahasa Inggris untuk Kelas XII

Posted on: October 10, 2008


1. Perkenalan/Introduction

a. Hello, I’m Julia

b. Hello, My name is ………

c. May I introduce my self ?

d. Are you Yunita ?

e. I’d like to introduce my self

f. I’d like you to meet ……..

g. Hello, I’m Julia

h. Hello, My name is ………

i. May I introduce my self ?

j. Are you Yunita ?

k. I’d like to introduce my self

l. I’d like you to meet ……..

m.this is ……and this is ……

n. how do you do?

o. Pleased to meet you

p. Pleased to meet you too

q. I don’t think we’ve met.

2. Simpati/Sympathy

2.1. Expressing of sympathy on minor

a. What’s shame d. That’s too bad

b. What’s pity e. That’s pity

c. That’s a nuisance f. Oh dear

2.2. Expressing of sympathy on serious accident

a. Goodness! c. How Awful!

b. How terrible! d. How dreadful!

2.3. Expressing of sympathy on personal circumstances

a. I’m sorry to hear that d. Please accept my deepest sympathy

b. I’m sorry about that e. Send my deepest condolence!

c. I’m really sorry for them f. Please accept my condolences!

3. Advice/Nasehat

a. why don’t you ……

b. Why not……..

c. I think you’d better ….

d. Why don’t you try ……

e. It would probably be a good idea to ……..


4. Keharusan/Ketidakharusan/Obligation/Non Obligation

4.1. Expression Obligation 4.2. Expression Non Obligation

a. You must ….. a. I don’t have to ….

b. you have to …. b. You don’t have to ….

c. You had to …. c. You must not ….


5. Suka/tidak suka/Like Dislike

5.1. Expression Like 5.2. Expression Dislike

a. I like …. a. I hate ….

b. I love … b. I can’t stand ….

c. I adore … c. I dislike ….

d. We don’t mind …. d. can’t stand, can’t bear

e. like, be fond of, be keen on …. e. I detest …

6. Rasa Bangga/Pride

a. I’m very proud of you.

b. I feel proud of my brother.


7. Kemampuan/Ketidak mampuan/Ability/Disability

a. I can……..

b. I know how to….

c. I have ability

d. I am able to

e. I’m good at ……..

f. I can’t ……….

g. I don’t know how to ……

h. I am not good at…..

i. I don’t have ability in …..

j. I am not able to ….

k. I don’t have experience of…

8. Permintaan Maaf/Apology

a. I’m sorry to trouble you

b. I’ve come home here to apologize

c. I’m very sorry about that

d. I’m very sorry ……….

e. I’m terribly sorry …….

f. Please forgive me for ……

g. I have to apologize for ……..


9. Penawaran Jasa/Bantuan/Offering Help

a. Can I help you ?

b. What can I do for you ?

c. Can I do something for you ?

d. Do you want to something to eat ?

e. Shall I get you something to read ?


Ø Ungkapan terima kasih

a. Thank you.

b. Thanks.

c. I want to thank you for …

d. I want to tell you ho grateful I am …

e. I’m extremely grateful to you for …

f. I’m grateful for …


Ø Ungkapan untuk merespon ucapan terima kasih

a. You’re welcome.

b. That’s all right.

c. That’s okay.

d. It’s a pleasure.

e. It is no trouble.

f. It is nothing.

g. Not at all.

h. Don’t mention it.


10. Undangan/inviting

a. Would you like to …….?

b. Why don’t you …..?

c. Do you fancy…..?

d. Would you mind ………?

e. Do you feel like …..?

f. How about ……?

g. Is there any chance of ……?

Accepting Invitation

a. Yes, I’d love to

b. With pleasure

c. I’d be delighted

d. That’s good idea

Refusing Invitation

a. I’d love to, but……..

b. I’m sorry

c. I’m afraid I can’t , I have to….

d. Thank, that’s great, but I’m sorry. I’ll….

Ungkapan ajakan umumnya dinyatakan dengan :



Let’s + V base/be + …

Example :

a. Let’s speak English!

b. Let’s sing a pop song!

c. Let’s be happy!

d. Let’s be smart!

11. Permintaan dan pemberian serta penolakan ijin

11.1. Asking for permission

a. Can I …?

b. Could I …?

c. May I …?

d. Would be all right …?

e. Do you mind if …?

f. Would you mind if…?

g. I was wondering if I could…?

11.2. Giving permission

a. Yes, you can.

b. Okay.

c. Sure.

d. Of course.

e. By all means.

f. No problem.


11.3. Refusing permission

a. Sorry,….

b. I’m sorry, you can’t.

c. I’m afraid not…


12. Kesenangan/Ketidaksenangan/Pleasure/Displeasure

12.1. Expression Pleasure

a. I’m so happy ….

b. I feel ….

c. How happy to …

d. I’m very pleasure with …

e. It’s a pleasure to …

12.2. Expression Displeasure

a. I feel …

b. I’m really sad to …

c. ….. feel unpleased with ….

d. I feel disappointed.


13. Kesetujuan/Ketidaksetujuan/Agree/Disagree

13.1. Kesetujuan /Agree

a. Yes, I agree

b. That’s quite true

c. You’re absolutely right!

d. I’m of exactly the same opinion

e. I think so

f. I go along that line

g. I’m with you

h. I agree completely

i. I suppose you’re right


13.2. Ketidaksetujuan / Disagree

a. I’m afraid I entirely disagree

b. I can’t agree

c. I don’t think it’s very good

d. Uhm….. I don’t think so

e. Surely not

f. I am sorry, but I have to disagree

g. I couldn’t agree less

h. I’m not sure I can agree


14. Kepuasan / Ketidakpuasan/ Satisfaction/ Dissatisfaction

14.1. Expressing Satisfaction

a. We feel satisfied/contented with it.

b. It makes us satisfied.

c. It gives my satisfaction.

14.2. Expressing Dissatisfaction

a. I am dissatisfied with it.

b. It is dissatisfactory.

c. It makes me dissatisfied.

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