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SKL UN 2011 Bahasa Inggris SMK

Posted on: March 2, 2011

SKL UN 2010 – 2011

Bahasa Inggris SMK


  1. Listening Section
    1. (P) Describing events
    2. (P) Describing location of things/people
    3. (P) Describing things/people’s physical appearance
    4. (P) Describing the situation of a place
    5. (Q&R) Asking for and giving suggestion/request
    6. (Q&R) Describing/comparing things
    7. (Q&R) Telling/ describing past events
    8. (Q&R) Asking for and giving direction or location of a thing/person
    9. (SC) Expressing possibilities/ plans

10. (SC) Talking about daily activities/past events/future activities

11. (SC) Making and taking reservations/giving information about an item

12. (SC) Comparing things/ Expressing preferences

13. (ST) Describing processes

14. (ST) Telling about work experiences/ activities at school or in a business    center

15. (ST) Announcement / advertisement


II. Reading Section

  1. (ID) Expressing requests/ giving suggestions
  2. (ID) Handling guests/ telephones
  3. (ID) Describing Past/ On-going events
  4. (ID) Extending invitations/leaving short messages
  5. (ID) Asking for and giving permission/information
  6. (ID) Handling complaints/Asking for and offering a help
  7. (ID) Expressing offers/requests/suggestions
  8. (ID) Talking about future plans
  9. (ID) Expressing wishes and imaginary situation/ Expressing preferences

10. (ID) Expressing Sympathy/ Agreeing or disagreeing

11. (ID) Asking for and giving direction or location of thing/ places/people

12. (ID) Talking about daily activities/ past events

13. (ID) Making and taking reservation of goods or service

14. (ID) Expressing possibilities/opinions

15. (ID) Talking about on-going events/ Future plans

16. (ER) Comparing things/people

17. (ER) Describing things/ places

18. (ER) Expressing offers/persuasions/requests

19. (ER) Describing people/things

20. (ER) Expressing wishes and imaginary situation/ Expressing preferences

21. (ER) Expressing like or dislike/sympathy

22. (RC) Business letters/memos/messages

23. (RC) Tables/diagrams/schedules/graphs

24. (RC) Recount: Work experiences/past events

25. (RC) Procedure: Manuals/recipes

26. (RC) Advertisements: product, place, service


Sumber: Materi  workshop guru bahasa Inggris SMK propinsi Jawa Tengah 22-26 Pebruari 2011


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