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Learning Experiences- Pengalaman Pembelajaran (Recount text)

Posted on: July 15, 2011


(talking and listening)



  1. Point out the purpose of oral recounts: to entertain by telling events, to retell some  events to the class. (BKOF)
  2. Develop and display a class chart with the words “who”, “when”, “where” to be used when presenting recounts. Students use these questions to structure their own oral recounts and to question each other, eg, who did you go with, when did you go?, etc. (JC)
  3.  Provide pictures of a familiar event for students to sequence, focusing on the importance of events being in order.
  4. Brainstorm and list events from a shared class experience. Model telling the events in the correct sequence.
  5. Jointly construct an oral recount of an excursion or class experience. Have students paint or draw pictures to illustrate events in the experience. Display pictures on a story board as an aid for the students in recounting the experience.
  6. Ask the students to work in pairs to prepare an oral recount of a class activity to an assembly. Assign different stages and events of the recount for each pair to reinforce the recount structure
  7. Provide a purpose for listening by outlining , eg., listen to decide your favorite part of the recount, listen so that you can tell part of the recount you can tell the class.
  8. Jointly construct retellings of picture book recounts






  1. Read recounts in shared and guided experiences. Point out who the recount is about, where it took place, when it took place and what happened.
  2. Read recounts of previous class events during shared reading experiences to remember what happened. Point out the purpose of recount: to entertain by retelling stories.
  3. Develop a pictorial timeline related to the shared reading of a recount. Jointly construct the information to be included on the time line and have students illustrate.
  4. Jointly construct events from a familiar recount on sentence strips. In small groups, students work with a teacher to sequence the strips in the correct order.
  5. Read familiar nursery rhymes, eg. Hickory Dickory Duck, which recount events . Highlight words representing ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘where.





  1. Discuss possible topics for recounts and build a word map of contents in preparation for joint construction.
  2. Guide students in joint construction by explicitly referring to the function of each stage, eg., we have to tell who was there” Focus on joining words, adverb and adverbial phrase and action verbs.

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