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Soal Ulangan Akhir semester 2 Mapel Bahasa Inggris kelas 12

Posted on: September 22, 2012


soal semester 2 bahasa inggris XII





Mata pelajaran          : Bahasa Inggris

Kelas                           : XII

Hari/ tanggal              : ……………………..

Waktu                                    : 90 menit



  1. Sebelum mengerjakan soal, tulislah terlebih dahulu nama, Nomor Ulangan Umum, dan kelas pada jawaban yang tersedia.
  2. Kerjakan soal-soal dengan pulpen/bolpoint, dan tidak boleh mengerjakan soal dengan pensil/spidol.
  3. Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal dengan teliti sebelum anda menjawab.
  4. Jumlah soal: 40 soal pilihan ganda dan 5 soal essay semua harus dikerjakan.
  5. Laporkan kepada pengawas UU kalau terdapat tulisan yang kurang jelas atau ada yang rusak.
  6. Dahulukan menjawab soal-soal yang anda anggap mudah.
  7. Kerjakan pada lembar jawaban yang disediakan dengan cara memberikan tanda silang (X) pada jawaban yang anda anggap paling benar.
  8. Apabila ada jawaban yang anda anggap salah, dan anda ingin memperbaikinya, tidak diperbolehkan memakai tipe-ex atau penghapus, melainkan dengan cara seperti dibawah ini.

Semula                        :           a          b          c          d          e

Dibetulkan      :           a          b          c          d          e

  1.  Untuk menjawab soal-soal essay (uraian) perbaikan dengan cara mencoret jawaban yang salah dengan dua garis dan menulis di atas jawaban yang diperbaiki.
  2. Selamat mengerjakan.


I. Some texts and questions will be given in this section. Read them carefully and answer the questions by crossing a, b, c, d or e in your answer sheet!.

Text  1 is for questions number 1-5.

Icebergs are mountains of freshwater ice floating in the ocean. They are huge chunks broken off from the great masses of land ice called glaciers.

Almost all of Greenland and Antarctica are covered by glaciers the year round. Glaciers also cover parts of Alaska. They are formed by layers of packed snow. Glacier may be thousands of meters thick. Their front ends, or tongues, reach down to the sea. At the coast the tips of the tongues break off, plunge into the oceans, and become icebergs. This process is called calving.

When calving occurs, a loud cracking noise fills the air. Sometimes a low rumbling can be heard for hours before the ice actually breaks away. People close enough can hear the hissing of air as it escapes from bubbles bursting in the ice along the break.

Glaciers calve all year round. Just as many icebergs break off in winter as in summer. But in winter their passageway to open the sea is often jammed with masses of frozen seawater. Icebergs pile up behind this jam of sea ice. In the spring, when the ice block is broken, a whole fleet of icebergs may sail out toward the open ocean.

Icebergs from the eastern coast of Greenland drift southward. They are carried by the Greenland Current, which then swings them northward around the tip of the island. Part of the way up the coast the icebergs are caught in the cold Labrador Current and carried southward toward Newfound-land

On the way, most of the icebergs become grounded among the many islands and bays along the Labrador coast. The others float on toward the open sea. Off Newfoundland they are caught by a warm current from the south called the Gulf Stream. Icebergs that do not ground and remain in the Labrador Current often enter the lanes used by ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

An iceberg starts to break up almost as soon as it is afloat. Cracks appear and become filled with water from ice that melts during the day. When this melted water freezes at night, it expands and widens the cracks. The ice is weakened, and pieces of iceberg break off and float away. The iceberg becomes smaller and smaller. Most icebergs melt completely within a few days of entering the Gulf Stream

  1. What does the text tell us about?
    1. What calving is
    2. What glaciers cover
    3. How far glaciers cover
    4. How icebergs exist*
    5. How iceberg is defined
  1. In what paragraph is the definition of iceberg found?
    1. Paragraph 1*
    2. Paragraph 2
    3. Paragraph 3
    4. Paragraph 4
    5. Paragraph 5
  1. Calving is ….
    1. The loud cracking noise in the air
    2. The process of becoming icebergs *
    3. The coast tip falling down into the sea
    4. The tongues of Glaciers reaching down to the sea
    5. The plunging process of a certain part of Glaciers
  1. The purpose of this text is….
    1. to describe Iceberg in detail
    2. to give readers the information of Iceberg
    3. to tell about the area covered with huge Icebergs
    4. to explain the process of iceberg as a natural phenomena *
    5. to retell natural events for the purpose of informing or entertaining
  1. They are the huge chunks broken off from the great masses of land ice called glaciers

The bold word has the same meaning as ….

  1. gigantic
  2. strong
  3. tiny
  4. wide
  5. hard
  1. When you are driving a car. ………your child at the back of your own seat!
    1. don’t forget to seat
    2. I’d like to put a seat
    3. remember to sit down
    4. I’d like you to have a seat
    5. you are seated
  2. John           : …… I completely forgot to bring your novel. ….

Cindy        : It’s okay, you can return it tomorrow

  1. I forgive you – you are very kind
  2. I am really sorry – It’s very kind of you
  3. I give my apology – this won’t happen again
  4. I forgive you – this won’t happen again
  5. I am really sorry – this won’t happen again*
  1. The murder  …. yet though people really hope the murderer ….
    1. has not solved – catch
    2. has not to solve – caught
    3. has not to be solved – be caught
    4. has not been solved – to be caught*
    5. has not been solved – being caught
  1. Eddy         : This room …….every day. This seems no dust on it. It’s so shiny

Roy           :  I think so

  1. can be very clean
  2. may so clean
  3. will be cleaned
  4. must be cleaned*
  5. must be extremely clean

Text  2   is for questions number 10-15.

My neighbour’s children love playing hide-and-seek as all children do, but no one expected that a game they played last week would be reported in the local newspaper.

One afternoon, they were playing in the street just outside the post office. Young Ian, who is only five years old found the perfect place to hide. His sister, Janet, had shut her eyes and was counting up to ten when Ian noticed that the small metal door of the letter-box had been left open. The postman had just taken all the letters out and had gone into the post office to see if there were any parcels. Ian climbed into the letter-box and pulled the door from the inside so hard that it locked. Soon realizing what he had done, he became very frightened and started crying. Meanwhile, Janet was looking for him everywhere but could not find him. It was lucky she happened to stop outside the letter-box and hear her brother’s cries. She immediately ran to tell the postman who hurried out to unlock the metal door. Ian was now free, but he had had such a bad fright that he could not stop crying. The postman, however, soon found a way of making him laugh again. He told him that next time he wanted to hide in a letter-box, he should remember to stick a stamp on himself

  1. What is the text about?
    1. The most harmful event of game
    2. The writer’s neighbor’s children playing game
    3. The game played by the writer’s neighbor children
    4. The dangerous game done by the writer’s neighbor’s children
    5. The event of when the children of the writer’s neighbor’s were playing game*
  1. Which one of the following does the story tell?
    1. Janet had already finished counting ten
    2. Ian locked himself purposefully in the letterbox
    3. Ian was able to unlock the letterbox himself
    4. Janet was the one who told the postman about the problem*
    5. The postman got such a fright that he could open the letterbox
  1. “My neighbour’s children love playing hide-and-seek as all children do, but no one expected that a game they played last week would be reported in the local newspaper. One afternoon, they were playing in the street just outside the post office.”

The above is the ……..of the text

  1. thesis
  2. description
  3. orientation*
  4. explanation
  5. general classification
  1.  “Soon realizing what he had done, he became very frightened and started crying ” The underlined word in the sentence above can be classified into….
    1. verbal verb
    2. mental verb
    3. relational verb
    4. existential verb*
    5. behavioral verb
  1. What is the communicative purpose of the text?
    1. To retell a story for entertaining*
    2. To describe the way things look like
    3. To inform readers about events of the day.
    4. To describe particular participants, Ian and Janet
    5. To explain the processes involved in natural phenomena.
  1. Ian climbed into the letter-box and pulled the door from the inside so hard that it locked. Soon realizing what he had done, he became very  …..  and started crying.
    1. amused
    2. bored
    3. friendly
    4. panicky
    5. delighted
  1. Jean                       : ……

Mr. Thomson         : my pleasure. What can I do for you?

Jean                       : I need to move this table to that corner.

  1. Hi, help me !
  2. Do you mind if I say something?
  3. Excuse me, do you have the time?
  4. Sorry, I hate to interrupt but I have to.
  5. I’d be very grateful if you’d do me a favor*
  1. Nanda       : To tell you the truth, I am not too bad to fix this radio

Cindy        : Really? So it means I needn’t have it repaired

In the dialogue, Nanda expresses his  ….  to do something

  1. capability*
  2. badness
  3. frankness
  4. feeling
  5. truth

Text  3   is for questions number 18-23

Divorce May Mean Happier Lives for the Children

Divorce changes childhood but not necessarily for the worse. Many children from broken homes go on establish loving relationships with both their parents.

It’s difficult for children to be party to any ongoing dispute between parents.

One child spoke of the “Bermuda Triangle” – the mythical space between the homes of her parents into which socks and schoolbooks, game kit and pencil sharpeners always seemed to disappear. Another child complain bitterly that one mother refuse to let her on the weekends she spent with her dad. They hated being told secrets and carrying messages to and from between their parents. Worrying about how kids will be affected by divorce often leads parents into crooked thinking.

What matters is overcoming and dealing with those difficulties. In life we are always going to face difficulties and that we should never have problems is not a good way at looking at childhood.

Rather than wringing their hands about the harmful effects of splitting up, parents can be positive and look at strategies for dealing with problems that might arise. As a proof, a lot of parents that we interviewed stayed together longer than they have done though they were so worried about the effect of divorce on their thinking that any kind of adolescent rebellion was because of the divorce.

What we are saying is that young people can strive under these circumstances and that it’s the quality of the relationship that matter. Divorce might be a whole lot better than a really grim family situation and children can often be extraordinarily happy and contented after their parents’ divorce

18. The text discusses about  ….

  1. The broken home children
  2. The good possibility of divorce*.
  3. The difficulty the children face
  4. The ongoing dispute between parents.
  5. The worse childhood because of the divorce.
  1. In life we are always going to face difficulties and that we should never have problems is not a good way at looking at childhood

The word we in this sentence refers to….

  1. the parents
  2. the children
  3. the mothers.
  4. the readers*
  5. the writers
  1. The first paragraph is the   ….   of the text.
    1. orientation
    2. general statement.*
    3. issue
    4. thesis.
    5. introduction
  1. What makes parent worried about thinking of getting divorce?
    1. The affects to the children after the divorce*
    2. The crooked thinking the parent s have
    3. The difficulty of caring of the children
    4. The inability for the mother to sent them to school
    5. The fear the parents suffer after the divorce
  1. The good way to teach the children to see the real world is that they should….
    1. be happy every time.
    2. keep studying for their future
    3. let their father or mother remarry
    4. realize that each person must have their own problem *
    5. be able to accept another partner to their father / mother.
  1.  Divorce might be a whole lot better than a really grim family situation and children can often be extraordinarily happy and contented after their parents’ divorce

The similar meaning of the underlined word is   ….

  1. unusually*
  2. commonly
  3. bitterly
  4. absolutely
  5. surely
  1. Jean           : why did you look so different yesterday?

Have I done something wrong to you?

Anny         : yes, you are ….

You told every one here my secret

I’ll never tell you anything. No more

  1. really the mistake
  2. accusing me a lot
  3. the only person to blame *
  4. the fault in this problem
  5. blamed to do that thing

25. Fred                       : I ….. a John M Echol’s dictionary

Shop assistant       : Yes. It’s over there. Let me take it for you.

  1. I want*
  2. I need to know
  3. I’ve got to  see
  4. I wish I could have
  5. What I really like is

26. (into – a – fish – an egg – of – the – development ) is a wonderful thing to watch.

The correct arrangement is ….

  1. The fish of a development into an egg
  2. An egg into a fish  of the development
  3. The development of a fish into an egg
  4. A fish into an egg of the development
  5. The development of an egg into a fish*

Text  4   is for questions number 27-31

Jim is an exchange student from England. He stays with a family in Indonesia. He chatting with his friend, Alya at the veranda.

Alya          : How are you

Jim             : Fine thanks. How are you doing?

Alya          : Great thanks. You seem to like reading newspaper

Jim             : Well, it’s not that much but at least I need to know what happens in your

country so I can write to my friends about it.

Alya          : What’s the headline today?

Jim             : The deliberation on pornography and porn act bill

I wonder why the people here give so much attention to this issue

Alya          : This is a sensitive thing here, Jim. It’s all about morality, people are

concerned about the bad effect of pornography and porno act on the

young generation. The mass media exploiting the pornography should be

blamed for the moral degradation of the young generation.

Jim             : But, I think the government does not need to regulate this with a kind of

Bill. It will limit the freedom of the press. It’s exaggerating, I suppose.

Alya          : Do you think so, Jim? How about in your country, Jim?

Jim             : Our government just requires the media and the press to give detail about

the requirements to access the media. Say for example: a certain

magazine is only for adults and people can get it through a subscription.

Alya          : In that case, I think the condition is quite different, Jim even tough some

people really disagree with this bill especially the people making

business from this field, even tough I think most of people here agree

with this bill.

Jim             : Do you think so?

Alya          : Perhaps the House members should be clear about the bill and can assure

that the bill will not be misused.

Jim             : let’s wait and see

  1. The text mainly tells us about….
    1. The sensitivity of the bad effect of pornography and porno act
    2. The morality of young generation effected by pornography
    3. The regulation the government should make on the pornography
    4. The deliberation on pornography and porno act bill*
    5. The requirement the media and the press should fulfill

28. The communicative purpose of the text is….

A. to present (at least) two different points of view about an issue*

B. to retell events with a humorous twist

C. to explain about the important events in the past

D. to inform readers about important events of the day

E. to retell events for the purpose of informing or entertaining

29. Which statement is not true according to the text?

  1. The topic talked about is written on the headline
  2. The pornography and porno act effect on the young generation badly
  3. The mass media, though only some, exploit the pornography a lot
  4. The points of view proposed are from the perspective of the same country*
  5. The House Representatives should in charge of making the regulation
  1. Which one doesn’t match?
    1. happen             : take place
    2. deliberation     : reflection
    3. issue                : subject
    4. degradation    : dilapidation
    5. exaggerating    : complete disorder*
  1. “Perhaps the House members should be clear about the bill and can assure that the bill will not be misused” in the dialogue is supposed to be the  …. of the discussion
    1. Goal
    2. Re-orientation
    3. Description
    4. Resolution
    5. Conclusion*
  1. Polythene bags, a plastic product,  ….   in almost all ways of life nowadays
    1. have to be used
    2. were used
    3. are now being used
    4. have been used*
    5. are going to be used

33. Dani          : Hendra says he always studies hard.

Dina          : How come? He often gets bad mark for English tests.

In the dialogue above Dina said that Hendra often….  bad marks for the English test

  1. gets
  2. got*
  3. has got
  4. had got
  5. had to get
  1. The line at the top of a page of a newspaper containing title is called a….
  1. journal
  2. editorial
  3. report
  4. features
  5. headline *

Text  5  is for questions number 35-37



Rain and tears all the same

But in the sun you’ve to play the game

When you cry in winter time

You can’t pretend, it’s nothing but the rain

How many times I’ve seen

Tears coming from your blue eyes

Rain and tears all the same

But in the sun you’ve got to play the game

Give an answer of love I need an answer of love

Rain and tears in the sun

But in your heart you feel the rain the waves

Rain and tears both for shown

For in my heart there’ll never be a sun

Rain and tears all the same

But in the sun you’ve play the game

  1. Which one of the following statements is implied in this song?
    1. The writer’s lover treats him well.
    2. The writer’s lover often expresses her sadness*
    3. The writer has got his expectation from his lover
    4. The writer of the song feels sure with his love.
    5. The writer feels that his love story will have a happy ending.

36.“Rain and tears both for shown

For in my heart there’ll never be a sun

The underlined expression means that the writer….

  1. will feel sure in his heart
  2. will always feel sad*
  3. will have his heart be with bright life
  4. will feel so faithless all the time
  5. will get very tired all his life
  1. The word “rain” in this song refers to …..
  1. autumn time
  2. spring time
  3. winter time*
  4. summer time
  5. rainy season time

….(38) I am going to win(38)…. Sammy said. ….(39) I practiced all winter long….(39)

  1. The correct punctuation should be….
  1. ( “  –  “ ) *
  2. ( “  –  , )
  3. ( ,  –  “ )
  4. ( “  – .  )
  5. ( –  –  “ )
  1. The correct punctuation should be….
  1.  ( “ ) ,( “ ) , ( . )*
  2.  ( “ ) ,(    ) , ( . )
  3.  (    ) ,( “ ) , ( . )
  4.  ( “ ) ,( “ ) , (   )
  5.  ( “ ) ,( ,  ) , (   )

40    Mrs. Thompson, Jean’s aunt, dropped in Jean ’s house . Jean opened the door for her and offered her a drink

Sari                        : Please come in, aunty

Mrs. Thompson     : Thank you.

Sari                        : Have your seat and yourself comfortable!


Mrs. Thompson     : Yes, please.

  1. Want a drink?
  2. Have a drink?
  3. Do you want a drink?
  4. Would you like a drink? *
  5. Do you want to have a drink?


41. Read the passage then correct the words which have wrong spelling.

A tsunami is a series of waves generated when water in a lake or in the sea is rapidly displace on a massive scale. Eartquake, landslide, volcanic eruptions and large meteorite impacts all have the potential to generate a tsunami. The effacts of a tsunami can range from unnoticable to devastating.

The term tsunami comes from the Japanese language meaning harbour (‘tsu’) and wave (‘nami’). Although in Japanese tsunami is used for both the singgular and plural, in English tsunamis is well-establised as the plural. The term was created by fishermen who retuned to port to find the area surrounding the harbour devastated, although they had not been aware of any wave in the open water.

42. Rearrange the jumbled paragraphs into the right composition

            How was the plastic invented?

Today, plastic has become an integral part of our life. Its uses are endless. Transparent plastics are used for making lenses and the windows of aeroplanes. Polythene bags, again a plastic product, are now  being used in almost all walks of life. Articles of domestic use like buckets, cups, brushes, combs, cabinets for radios and transistors etc, are also being made from plastics. Toys and sports goods made from plastic have flooded the markets every where. The yarn for making terylene cloth is in fact made from plastic. Today scientists have even succeeded in developing heat insulating plastics. Foam cushions, seats in trains cars and aeroplanes – all are made from plastics.

Now, plastic are used as surgical aids also. There is hardly any field of life in which plastics are not used

The manufacture of plastic in commercial scale was started for the first one by Leo Hendrik Backeland. He made it form phenol formaldehyde. Subsequently new techniques were developed for the production of the plastics. Today scientist have discovered many raw materials which are used in the making of various kinds of plastic products.

The word “plastic’ has originated from the Greek word ‘plastikos’ which means to mould. It is made from simple organic chemicals. It has many varieties and is available in many colors and varieties. The plastic was invented by Alexander Parkes of England in 1862. in those days it was called ‘parkesine’ after him. In fact, this plastic was nitro-cellulose made soft by putting oil and camphor into it.

43. Based on the text above answer the following questions

    1. What kind of text is it?
    2.  What is the purpose of the text?
    3. What parts of the General Structure of a text are paragraph 1 and 4?
    4. What parts of the General Structure of a text are paragraph 2 and 3?

44. Pauline      : Hi.

Rick           : Do you see John?

Pauline      : No, he is out but I don’t know when he’ll come back.

Rick           : Well, I’m in a hurry and I must be off now.

Would like to give him this memo. I want him to meet me at Jack’s

House at 4 this afternoon.

Thanks a lot


Write the possible memo written by Rick for John using your own words!


45. Rewrite this passage. Use the correct capitalization and punctuation!


How Planes Fly

a plane needs air pressure under their wings to stay up in the air as they move forward the higher air pressure underneath their wings pushes them upward and gives them lift

the smooth streamlined shape of the plane allows air to fly easily over its surface this helps to reduce the drag causes by the air pushing against the plane and allows it to move rapidly through the air

planes move forward using engines this movement is called thrust moving forward keeps a stream of moving air passing over the wings which allows the plan to stay up in the air if the engines fall the plane will begin to descend very quickly

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